Driven Attorneys Who Support Business Growth

Landrum LLP lawyers have the specific experience necessary to help entrepreneurs, emerging businesses and established companies protect and manage assets, reduce the risk of litigation and accomplish business goals quickly and effectively.

Attorneys at Landrum LLP have themselves started companies, raised funds, developed technology, and taken products and services to market. We have been in your shoes and we know what works (and what does not).

Based in downtown San Jose, Landrum LLP has an established track record handling legal matters relating to business formation, strategic growth, corporate finance, venture capital, securities law, intellectual property matters (such as patents, copyrights and trademark), and complex and sophisticated business transactions.

Our boutique business law practice effectively addresses the specialized needs of the emerging business, and we understand the value of effective, candid legal advice. Much too often, small and mid-sized companies work without effective legal representation because they can't get the attention they require on a cost-effective basis. With Landrum LLP, you can.